Rishi Panthee

Developer And Network Engineer

Images of Servers in a Rack Images of Servers in a Rack

About Me

I'm a developer and a network engineer with a heavy interest in infastrucutre and an free and open internet. Most of my development work has been backend related using Node.JS, but projects I've worked on have ranged from Python to C++. I've managed networks using Cisco and Mikrotik routers and switches and have experience with scripting. I enjoy skating and being outdoors.

My Portfolio

Running My Own Autonomous System

I run a small network on the tiny part of the internet. AS400587 is mine and a small hobby network that I use to learn more about BGP, the internet, networking and routing. This very website is actually hosted there. The servers on the image that you see either to the left(desktop) or at the very top(mobile) are from there, and either the server with the grey sticker or labeled as R is serving this site right now, depending on how the load balancer decided to throw things.

I've learned a lot from running this, including BGP, peering, and network basics like subnetting for both IPv4 and IPv6 on the network side. On the system administration side, I learned how to install OS and the basics of managing and monitoring systems. It's also thought me a little of managing my own business as I've needed to operate this as efficently as possible.

I also use this to selfhost a lot of applications and that's given me system administration experience in the real world. Some of these are used by others(including strangers) as well, and so keeping uptime high has been important.

NFTMart is a project that I worked on the backend for. It's a blockchain based marketplace for NFTs for games. I wrote a backend to cache data and improve the speed of the site, going from taking upwards of 20 seconds to load a page due to multiple requests that need to be made, to a fully loaded page in under 2 seconds with the use of my cache. I wrote the backend in Javascript using Express.JS and MySQL.
NFTMart website

Katabasis Game Logger - Senior Design Project
Katabasis is a non profit company who make video games to help lower income areas learn about life skills with the use of video games. Alongside my partners, we built a platform that Katabasis and teachers could use to gauge the help that the games were giving students, and help teachers realize potential shortcomings on their lessions, and Katabasis recognize where the games might need improvements. I worked on the secure backend for this, and using Node.JS, Express.JS, MySQL and Mocha for testing, I build a backend that could store, retrieve, and filters logs as well as handle processing of them at a large scale, while experiencing no slowdowns and ensuring that the data remains secure.
Katabasis UI view

Past Work

SWMC logo

Sun West Mortgage Company Software Engineer

I've worked at SWMC as a software engineer on their mortgage related AI chatbot. I used Node.JS to work on a MERN stack to write the backend and frontend of the application with React.JS on the frontend. I also worked on the mobile application which used React Native. We used JIRA for task management and I directly interfaced with our sysadmin and QC team to validate the software for deployment.


State Employee's Union Network Technician Intern

I interned for the North Carolina State Employee's Credit Union as a network technician. During my time there, I diagnosed issues on the network on Cisco routers and switches, and resolved them, either by fixing the problem outright, or contatcing the vendor who caused the issue and giving them the pertinant information for them to resolve the issues on their side and validating the fixes on our side. I worked within a team and teamwork was crucial to ensure that we got all issues resolved as quickly as possible.

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